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Audi TT RS plus – now with more sweetness

I've never been a great fan of an RS 'plus' model being in Audi's range, as far as I'm concerned 'RS' implies, "this is the best we can make it", so what does a 'RS…

Aston Martin V12 Zagato reaches production

Whether you love or loathe it, the one thing you cannot deny is how striking and aggressive it looks. In a good way. This is the final production version of the V12…

Chrysler speaks out on Clint Eastwood “It’s Half-Time in America” Ad and its big push for 2012

Chrysler's Super Bowl ad became notorious for all the wrong reasons, after it was pulled by YouTube in a move that raised fresh questions over the video sharing…

Kia Track’ster Concept is a driving enthusiast’s dream..

Kia unveiled their New Track’ster Concept at today’s Chicago Auto Show, but quelled speculation that the company are ever likely to put it into production.

Lewis Hamilton starts the season with a new manager, and an old girlfriend

Lewis Hamilton's management team has received a boost with the appointment of seasoned F1 manager Didier Coton. Coton has previously managed drivers such as Alexander…

Cadillac claims highest-ever audience reach during Super Bowl XLVI, but what does this mean?

This news almost had me choking on my Cornflakes this morning. Having churned through our own Super Bowl audience data during the past few days, admittedly with a focus…

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