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Super Bowl Automotive Scorecard: Part 2

With Super Bowl 2012 just hours away, we're taking another look at our scorecard as automotive brands pitch hard to win over the biggest single-event audience in the…

ROAD 23: Subaru Special

We make no apologies for this Subaru special issue of ROAD Magazine this month, so if you're not a fan of the incredible Pleiades-star cluster brand, you can still read…

Honda enters WTCC with the all-new Swindon-built Civic

Honda have announced today that the all-new Civic will race in the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC), possibly entering the series in 2012 in a selection of…

Toyota GT 86 will cost from £24,995 in the UK

Pricing of Toyota's new rear-wheel drive GT 86 coupe will, in some ways, be the most important determinant of the car's success. If it was priced too close to lifestyle…

Ferrari launch their new F2012 Formula 1 car.. without snow chains

Ferrari has chosen a very business-like name for their new premium class single seater - F2012, which might be taken as a sign of the team's single-minded approach as…

Fernando and Felipe put a brave face on their new 2012 car..

With Fiorano circuit covered under a thick blanket of snow, the launch plans for Scuderia Ferrari's 2012 F1 car have been forced to move indoors, but is still scheduled…

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