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Salon Privé 2012: Motoring’s luxury lifestyle event comes of age

There are places and events which remain in the collective imaginary for eternity: La Tour Eiffel; the Northern Lights; il Colosseo; Cirque du Soleil; Rio de Janeiro’s Carnival; Wimbledon. Some are better known in certain circles, like motorsport and automotive shows: Goodwood Festival of Speed (UK); Villa d’Este (Italy); the Monterey weekend (California).

Intercepting Desire

You have been a good boy all year and feel you deserve a treat. How about a special car?

Note the violent bias towards the male gender: we shall be talking about unadulterated lust for a set of wheels here, not Louboutin shoes.

What do women look for in a car?

What do women look for in a car? Are automotive desires really gender specific? And can a male-dominated motor industry satisfy them? Angie Voluti examines car culture from a feminine perspective.

PERSPECTIVE: What’s in a Name?

“When you talk, you sound like Super Mario on our Nintendo game,” my children tease.

“Do I?” “Yes. It’s funny.”

Doesn’t the Italian language and/or the Italian accent sound… unusual, to the Brits? Exotic, perhaps? Sexy, even?