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Chevy Camaro comes to the UK

Up until now, if you wanted to buy your very own American muscle car here in the UK, then your choices were limited to one of the reputable import agents or handling the…

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Super Bowl XLVI Automotive Ads – The Post-game Reckoning

The New York Giants may have won the game on the field, but the online battle for top video ad is still going strong.

Super Bowl Automotive Scorecard: Part 2

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Updated: Super Bowl XLVI – The Greatest Automotive Ad Game on Earth..

In 9 days, 10 hours and 23 minutes the biggest U.S. sporting event of the year, Super Bowl 46, will begin. But what does American Football have to do with cars?

The Joy of Marketing – 23 ads that use sex to sell cars [VIDEOS]

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COMPETITION: Win tickets to see the British Touring Cars at Silverstone (21-22 August)

Our 3rd competition of the year at Silverstone offers tickets to a superb action-packed ‘Top Gun’ weekend of BTCC and Air Display action.

Manufacturer-backed Chevy Cruze enters the BTCC with Jason Plato

Chevrolet's race winning Cruze enters this season's BTCC in the hands of Jason Plato.