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Peugeot announces the 508

Peugeot brings on its replacement for the 407 and 607, growing in size (and presumably weight) in the process.

First Drive: Honda CR-Z

“It doesn’t know what it’s trying to be, what’s it meant to be? Too schizophrenic for me.” These are the words of a fellow scribe who has also just spent the last 90…

Bentley’s Continental Supersports Convertible comes to Geneva

Bentley builds its fastest ever drop-top convertible - the new Supersports Convertible

Bentley Continental Supersports has ‘green credentials’..

Forget the Prius, Bentley makes a suitable alternative for those of us with an environmental conscience.

Climategate – the drivers’ response

The United Nations Climate Change Conference is fast approaching and will potentially have a dramatic effect on you and me – i.e. people who enjoy driving cars. The…