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Frankfurt 2011: Maserati’s Kubang takes on the Porsche Cayenne

I am in two minds about this new Maserati Kubang. On the one hand it seems entirely rational for Maserati to look on at Porsche's Cayenne and see a market opportunity,…

Alfa 4C Concept will debut at Goodwood

If you're looking for a reason to attend the Goodwood Festival of Speed next month, then look no further than the stunning cars being shown by Alfa Romeo this year.

Reportage from the 2010 L’Excellence De Reims Auto Show

Last Sunday we made the short trip over to Reims in Northern France for the 4th L’Excellence De Reims auto show, a sort of mini-Goodwood hosted at the old GP circuit…

PERSPECTIVE: The Horse Whisperer gets in a strop

Hero of Villain? We look at Ferrari's recent F1 tantrums and argue both sides of the coin.