Greger Huttu, widely accepted as the world’s fastest virtual racing driver, has won the inaugural iRacing Road World Championship with still two races to go.  Huttu spoke with us recently about his reputation in the sport and his latest victory has now netted him a cool cheque for $10,000.

[onethird_columns ][blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”right”]14 poles and 15 wins in 16 races suggests Greger Huttu fully deserves his title and cash reward.[/blockquote][/onethird_columns] [twothirds_columns_last ]

The cash reward shows how much more seriously sponsors are now taking virtual racing with prize funds and the level of competition only likely to increase in years to come.  As for this season, 14 poles and 15 wins in 16 races suggests Huttu fully deserves his title and cash reward as he continues to dominate any simulation he tries his hand at.  Having taken it all in and eventually deciding what he’ll spend his winnings on, the Finn had this to say post race:
[/twothirds_columns_last]“It’s been a fantastic season for me. I never thought I’d have 15 wins out of 16 races and that I’d have the championship clinched with two races still remaining so it’s been pretty much perfect and the best season I’ve ever had in sim racing.

“I had a great start to the season with a good car and setup under me which meant I had a pretty big advantage in the first few races which allowed me to build a lead in the championship. I knew that it would only take a couple of bad races to wipe out that lead and make things harder so I kept pushing hard in each race.

“There are still two races left and I’ll try to get good results from them although the motivation to practice has pretty much gone for me. I can’t wait to get my prize and buy some milkshakes, beers and burgers!”