With just six weeks until the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi has released a teaser for what they describe as a ‘new car’. It will premiere on Audi TV on 21st August, before making its public debut at Frankfurt on 9th/10th September.

But what is it?

From the look of those carbon ceramic brakes (6-piston fixed calipers on the front, with 2-piston calipers at the rear), it’s an S or RS model and those front wings look shallow and flared like those of an A8.

  • Audi-teaser-Frankfurt-2013_G1
  • Audi-teaser-Frankfurt-2013_G2

Its outline under the covers shows a saloon profile, and the wheels are the same ‘5-parallel spoke S design’ as those on the current S8. But there’s already an S8 and surely an RS 8 would wear a different set of alloy wheels?

Presenter Martin Haven describes it as a “little secret”, which belies the assumption that it’s a variant of the limousine-sized A8, and there’s already an ‘S’ variant of every model in the range (except the A1, which it clearly is not).

There’s very little to go on, so we’ll have to be patient for the time being, but we’ll keep on digging and let you know if we find out more.