MINI Stockholm has launched a new location-based mobile game to promote the MINI Countryman. Players home in on a virtual MINI on their iPhones, catch it and then run as fast as they can out of its orbit to prevent other potential takers from swiping it. You can watch a video explaining the rules of the game below.

Anyone playing the game within 50 metres from this lead player is able to snatch the Countryman away and so move from being hunter to prey. The first player to have the car in their possession for a week wins a real Countryman. Simple as that. The game begins on Sunday 31st of October at 15.00 on Medborgarplatsen in central Stockholm.

The campaign was developed by Jung von Matt Stockholm, an independent Swedish advertising agency that believes momentum is the force needed for attention warfare in this modern digital age. I love that phrase, attention warfare.

Social gaming has tremendous viral potential, as well as being fun for participants and MINI have been smart in creating a game that enables people to build new social circles, introduce the MINI Countryman name into conversations and enhance the values which MINI have become renowned for. It’s a clever campaign that I can see spreading to other cities around the world. Well done MINI (and JvM).

Hunt and catch a virtual MINI in Stockholm. Take it when you get closer than 50 metres. Now GETAWAY. Anyone within 50 metres can take it from you. Keep the virtual MINI on your phone for 1 week ...and win a real MINI Countryman.

You can download the App from the iTunes store, but you’ll have to travel to Stockholm if you want to play.

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