The deed is done – The race between MINI and Porsche around the autocross track at Road Atlanta has been run and the winner is.. well, Porsche of course, though MINI clearly won the marketing challenge.

The short version of this story is; Mini challenged Porsche to a race at Road Atlanta; Porsche said no. MINI ridiculed Porsche for being a prima-dona.

Others joined in by ridiculing Porsche. Hyundai stepped up and volunteered to take Porsche’s place (which everybody thought was lame), then MINI revealed the track, which rather than being the sweeping Road Atlanta circuit was just its parking lot.

Despite Porsche opting out (boycotting) the challenge, race driver Cory Friedman agreed to drive the Porsche 911 Carrera S, whilst Brad Davis gets in the Mini Cooper S for a face-off around the tight autotest circuit at Road Atlanta.

Even on such a compromised track (which more closely favoured the MINI) the 911 won, but MINI gained plenty of kudos with its fans. Porsche looked a little awkward and most onlookers had fun looking on. What’s not to like..