Following news last week that Renaultsport were preparing to launch a new model at the Nürburgring on 17th June, we now have a little more insight into what to expect. Initial signs pointed towards a Mégane R26.R successor, but we now understand the new model is likely to be carry the Trophy name – so less of a hardcore track warrior and more in the vein of a slightly upgraded Mégane Renaultsport 250.

The Trophy will be available with a new design of 19″ alloy wheel, more heavily bucketed sport seats and a new design of sports steering wheel. Power climbs by just over 10% from the standard car’s 246 bhp up to 271 bhp (275 PS) accompanied by an uprated suspension, although nowhere near as track-oriented as the R26.R.

From what we understand the Trophy weighs the same 1387 kg as the standard 250 and 250 Cup and will not be available with either a roll-cage or four-point harnesses. Despite this, Renault have chosen to launch the new model at a Renaultsport track day at the Nürburgring (Nordschleife) on 17th June, so perhaps they’ll surprise us all with something a little more hardcore.

According to TF1 France’s Auto-moto channel, the Mégane Trophy has already recorded a lap time around the Nordschleife of 8 minutes 9 seconds, which is 8 seconds faster than the lap achieved by the R26.R in 2008, so maybe we shouldn’t worry about Renaultsport’s commitment to the Trophy being a true successor.

We’ll bring you further news when we hear it, but we understand order books will be opening soon and the Trophy will be limited to just 500 cars worldwide, so its perhaps worth speaking to your local Renault dealer to get your name on the list.