A low-res picture has been leaked of Spyker’s new Porsche 911 rival, and it certainly bodes well for the Dutch sports-car maker’s resurgence.

Do you remember Spyker? Maker of the C8 Aileron, who acquired the Midland F1 team in 2006 and competed at the pinnacle of motorsport with home grown superstar driver Jos Vertappen?

Then in 2011, after running into financial difficulties, it hit the skids – being passed from one investor to another in a serious of failed attempts to refinance the business. Then in 2012, China’s Youngman Ltd acquired a 29.9% stake in Spyker N.V and all went quiet.


Founder and CEO, Victor Muller, who put together the deal with Youngman’s CEO Pang Qingnian, said in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal that the new B6 concept car will be named Venator (‘Hunter’ in Latin) and be about the size of a Porsche Cayman. It’s due to cost somewhere between $160,000 and $200,000 and be powered by a mid-mounted V6 engine producing around 370bhp.

The hand-built sports car uses an aluminium chassis with carbon-fibre bodywork to keep its weight down to less than 1,450kg, meaning its 370bhp should be just about enough to keep things perky.

With an almost debt-free business, a new joint venture ‘Spyker Phoenix’ plans to develop and manufacture a full range of premium car models based on the Phoenix platform developed by Saab Automobile AB in 2010/2011. While a second JV, called Spyker P2P, will continue development of the Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris, a $250,000 four door Super Sports Utility Vehicle (“SSUV”) due for launch by the end of 2014.

In the meantime we await the B6 Venator’s premiere at the Geneva Motor Show tomorrow morning.