Citroen has released a few details and some pictures of its new C3 supermini.

The new C3 gets the latest Citroen family face and a new ‘Zenith’ windscreen that extends all the way over the top of the front seat occupants’ heads. It’s designed to create a feeling of space and allow much more light into the cabin.

Inside, you get the usual increase in material quality that seems to arrive with every new car as well as a new dash board and centre console that make up the entirely new facia. Bluetooth, USB and iPod connections will all be available.

The first engine available from launch will be a ’90 HDI’ diesel that Citroen say will put out just 99g/km of CO2. Its replacement arrives in 2011 alongside new three-cylinder petrol motors both of which will be fitted with second-generation stop-start technology that will drop CO2 emissions still further.