Following the recent announcement by Festival of Speed founder Lord March that Goodwood will this year introduce a new Manufacturers Preview Day, dubbed the Moving Motor Show – to be held on Thursday 1 July – he is today (1 April) able to confirm an innovative scheme to help lower man-made emission levels throughout the exhibition site, as well as the Festival of Speed itself (2-4 July).

Lord March is even proposing a new post-metric unit of power measurement specifically for the Festival of Speed - we are told that CP (or cattle power) is equivalent to 0.7986354 of the German measure Pferdestärke (PS).

To reduce the number of generators used on site, this year’s event will be powered by natural methane gas, taken directly from Goodwood’s extensive herd of Dairy Shorthorn cattle. This rare breed of cows usually supplies Goodwood’s delicious organic milk and organic beef products. However, between 1-4 July, Goodwood’s Dairy Shorthorn cattle herd will generate enough methane to power the entire Festival site.

Commenting on this eco-friendly initiative, a manufacturer’s spokesperson said: “It’s enlightening to see that Goodwood is taking no bull, and the organisers deserve a real pat on the back. This wind-powered solution is udderly electrifying.”

Great! Next thing they’ll be telling us that they’re using bulls milk to power a new class of contestants at this year Festival of Speed..

You can order advance tickets to the Festival of Speed by calling +44 1243 755055, or online via the Goodwood website.