Honda has announced that it plans to build and sell its funky CR-Z sports hybrid as early as February next year.

The CR-Z, a sort of spiritual successor to the CRX, was unveiled at the Tokyo Motorshow in 2007 to wide critical acclaim. There are no details at the moment, other than a statement of intent that the CR-Z, ‘will feature advanced technologies that deliver enjoyable driving for all, while reducing the car‘s environmental footprint’ and confirmation that it will feature Honda’s Integrated Motor Assist hybrid system that currently appears in the Insight and Civic Hybrid.

The project has been given the green light by Honda’s new CEO Ito Takanobu. Takanobu is moving up to the top job from being Head of R&D, where he was one of the strongest driving forces behind taking the NSX from concept to reality. Indeed, he was responsible for the NSX’s game-changing aluminium unibody construction. There are certainly some interesting management changes going on in Japan’s car industry at the moment, all of which appear to be benefitting the enthusiast.

Expect to see an almost production ready version of the pictured CR-Z concept at this year’s Tokyo Motorshow.