The DC Shoes marketing machine is now in full swing. The date – July 9th 2012 – has been announced. The location – San Francisco – is known. And the first of many teaser videos has hit the web.

To take a cue from the deliberately cheesy soundtrack of this video – “It’s the Final Countdown..”

Last week we saw a series of behind-the-scenes clips of the filming, in addition to Block’s philosophy for this latest Gymkhana FIVE, “..While movies like Bullit and various chase scenes have tried to use San Francisco to the fullest, I’m pretty confident that I’ve proven there was a lot left to be done on those amazing streets!”.

With this first teaser, shot from a helicopter, we get a birds-eye view of the Bay Bridge, San Francisco’s amazing skyline, and some Ken Block ‘precision’ hooning.

Despite gusty winds, the seas were calm which allowed Block the opportunity to do donuts around a fork lift truck, enhanced with a “smoke bomb” – which was visible to drivers crawling past in the Bay Bridge traffic.

The first private viewing of #GYM5 is this Friday (29th) with its public launch on July 9th. Keep an eye on the interweb, because there’ll be plenty more teasing in the meantime.