This time next week we’ll be just hours away from knowing exactly what Ferrari’s Enzo replacement looks like, and whether it has the fire-power to take on and beat McLaren’s 903bhp P1.

Codenamed F150, Ferrari’s new hyper car will be the most extreme road car the company has ever made and will encapsulate its most futuristic technologies – derived from Formula One and sports car racing.

We’ve already seen a peek of the prototype circulating Fiorano circuit, but that was running through a series of (slow-ish) test programmes. The video above captures Ferrari’s test engineer showing just how much fun the F150 is on the limit, and boy can it drift..

Weighing little more than 1,100kg, the F150 is built on a wheelbase no larger than that of the 458 Italia and will be powered by a V12 engine combined with Ferrari’s patented HY-KERS hybrid system. Power output from the V12 petrol engine is rumoured to be around 800bhp, which combined with a 150bhp electric motor, should result in a total output some 30-40bhp more than the P1.

Like the McLaren, power from the HY-KERS system should be accessible at the touch of a button (for overtaking) via the latest evolution of Ferrari’s Manettino settings on the steering wheel.

It’s the most eagerly awaited new Ferrari in a decade and we’ll have all the news, including its final production name, in just over a week’s time. Meanwhile listen to the video with your speaker cranked up.