Ever since Maserati launched the 4-seat GranTurismo in 2007 – with a mere 399 bhp, we’ve waited for it to be powered by an engine befitting of the great trident emblem.

At the time, BMW’s M3 packed 414 bhp in a much lighter and therefore faster chassis.

Just over a year later in 2008, the GranTurismo received Maserati’s 434 bhp 4.7-litre V8 engine, fettled slightly further last year with the 444 bhp GranTurismo MC Stradale. Maserati was getting there, slowly, but even so BMW’s M6 carried 500 bhp – now raised to 552 bhp in the new M6.

Maserati were right to avoid joining the (mainly) German power war, but nevertheless the GranTurismo still needed more power if only to justify its £100,000+ price.

So, with the Geneva motorshow almost upon us, Maserati has found another 9 bhp for the ‘GranTurismo Sport’, such that its 4.7-litre V8 engine now delivers 453 bhp.

To accompany the slight increase in performance, the GranTurismo Sport gains a restyle to accentuate its sporting nature.

A new redesigned front bumper optimises the air flow for both engine and brake cooling. The headlights come with DRL Led technology and new taillights are fitted at the rear of the GranTurismo Sport in an elegant, yet aggressively darker tone.

The interior also receives a makeover, with completely redesigned front and rear seats and a new steering wheel with a more sporty and muscular look.

There’s no word yet on the effect these changes will have on the GranTurismo’s price, but we expect further details to emerge during the next few days.