With just under a month until the Geneva Motor Show, McLaren would like to remind us that its P1 supercar is both race-inspired and race-ready, by providing a glimpse of its race-inspired digital dash readout.

Let’s hope the P1 sounds better in practice than it does in the video, especially since we’ve now heard Ferrari’s F150 at full fury.

They say that the video also gives a peek at “..the levels of performance that can be expected with a highly-focused ‘Race’ mode”, but about all you can really see is how seamlessly it changes from 1st to 2nd gear (at around 40mph/60kph).


The visuals demonstrate what the driver will see as the McLaren P1 transitions into a fully-focussed track car, complete with a handy animation showing the huge wing extending at the rear.

On selecting Race mode, the double-element wing moves into an optimal aerodynamic position, ready to respond actively to the P1’s change in speed and attitude on the road.



A bank of lights across the top of the dashboard illuminate green, followed by red and finally blue. These act as shift indicators, although look a little crude, given what we’d expect of a $1 million supercar.

McLaren will release further details about the P1 as we get closer to the Geneva show, with its formal press conference now confirmed on Tuesday 5 March at 10.15am GMT.