It appears Horacio Pagani has decided to go down the route of the recent Mercedes AMG SLS and Gumpert Apollo by adopting distinctive gull-wing doors for next year’s Zonda replacement, the C9.

The C9 as pictured in stealth testing black was pulled over by German officials for a customs inspection on the German A3 where the keen snapper Marthijn Konings snapped a couple of shots before sending them on to

The car was apparently being followed by a number of Mercedes-Benz test engineers, no doubt monitoring the on-road performance and reliability of the C9.  The C9 is pencilled in to launch in late 2011, so there is still a fair degree of testing to complete.

Are you a fan of gull-wing doors?

Gull-wing doors and a Mercedes-Benz power unit, is this one Mercedes integration too far for Pagani?

Let us know your thoughts and also be sure to check out the recent Pagani Zonda R Nürburgring lap record on SkiddPlayer.

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