We thought the battle was between the McLaren P1 and Ferrari F150, but there’s a new Lamborghini due at the end of this month that will crush them both..

Its name is a closely guarded secret, but as with most Lamborghinis it’s been inspired by a raging bull. The details are scarce but we know the engine is turbocharged and produces at least 1052Nm (776 lb-ft) of torque.

Its kerb weight might be a problem though – at around 10,000kg it’s built more for its pulling than cornering prowess, but let’s see a McLaren or Ferrari plough a 10 hectare field..

Just remember that next time you’re asked “what’ll she do mister?”

NOTE: You might also be interested to hear that Automobili Lamborghini is preparing a new front-engined V12 GT for launch at the Geneva Motor Show next month. According to Autocar, Stephan Winkelmann, President and CEO said that Lamborghini will reveal “..something truly extraordinary that’s based on the V12″ at Geneva next month.

* * *

  • Lamborghini-trattori-Ferruccio
  • Lamborghini-R8-tractor

(Left) Ferruccio Lamborghini was born in 1916 under the astrological sign… Taurus (the bull). He launched his first tractor in 1948, long before the Muira appeared in October 1967. Same man, same vision, very different products. Or were they? (Right) Lamborghini R8 – a thing of beauty when there’s work to be done.