Jackie Chan the actor, philanthropist and martial arts role model, has spent nearly 40 years entertaining the world with his highly skilled screen performances. But for Jackie today, it’s charity work that has become the significant focus in his life, having been instrumental in building 26 schools – donating his time and money in the process.

As part of the Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries series, Jackie talks about the future of philanthropy, explaining the importance of social media in fundraising, China’s developing role in charitable institutions and how he personally intends to keep helping those less fortunate than himself.



If you’ve seen the trailer (above), now watch the full interview with Jackie Chan as part of the Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries series. The visit the site to watch interviews with World Land Speed Record holder Andy Green, Award-winning Chinese architect Wang Shu, musical innovator Jean-Michel Jarre and FIA President Jean Todt.

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