If you’ve set eyes on the Nissan Juke then you’ll probably have noticed it probably isn’t in the same aesthetically pleasing league as an Aston Martin DB9, Ferrari 250 GTO or Alfa Romeo 8C.  To counter this, Nissan’s acquired the endorsement of Bonita Norris, the world’s youngest woman to ever climb Everest to endorse the new Juke ahead of its September launch.

Despite being unconventional looking, the general consensus in the motoring press is that the Juke is actually a capable car that performs practical tasks with aplomb.  Speaking of the Juke, Norris says, “Juke defies the stereotypes and breaks the mould, I can relate to that.  I’m unconventional and I’ve got a spirit of adventure that drives me to do different things and this is what Juke represents.”  So a good fit then.

More than 2,000 drivers in Britain have already fallen for the Juke’s crossover style, while more than 15,000 orders have now been taken across Europe.  Will Norris’ endorsement and presence help this figure climb some more we wonder?

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Rick Osborn

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