The new Toyota FT-1 concept is the car maker’s ‘ultimate’ sports coupé concept, but they’ve gone out of their way to avoid using the word ‘Supra’ for fear of giving it production car credence.

It’s been introduced at the NAIAS Detroit motor show to celebrate the 40th anniversary this year of the 2000GT from the mid-1960s (which in turn inspired the Supra).

Toyota say its exterior “captures the look of a race car with a curvilinear form, pronounced front wings and sharply defined contrasts that express powerful performance.” This is underlined by the FT-1’s large air intakes, exhaust ports and a retractable rear wing.

FT-1, of course, stands for “Future Toyota”, the same letters which introduced today’s GT 86 (known as FT-86 in its concept form), which illustrates Toyota’s recent track record of bringing ‘FT’ models into production.

  • Toyota-FT-1-concept_G1
  • Toyota-FT-1-concept_G2

Just like the Supra (and the original 2000GT), the FT-1 features a front engine/rear-wheel drive configuration which sits the cockpit towards the rear of the car, while a wraparound windscreen and side glass highlight its classic sports car proportions. The FT-1’s A-pillars are positioned as far back as possible to increase visibility when cornering.

Inside a delta-shaped display zone helps the driver feel connected to the car, while an F1-style steering wheel and a head-up display provide key information with the minimum of distraction.

Toyota have traditionally driven their product developments through consensus, but this FT-1 was designed by its California-based Calty design studio. Whether their management team decide to produce it, we’ll have to wait and see, but they’ll find no resistance to such a move from this side of the pond.