Nissan Motorsports have announced this morning that they will be entering the FIA GT1 World Championship with Sumo Power GT (UK) and Swiss Racing Team (CH). Both teams will run two NISSAN GT-Rs respectively in the inaugural World Championship with NISMO providing technical support.

The FIA GT1 version of the GT-R is a development of the car that was raced four times last year by the Gigawave team, however to comply with the GT1 class regulations a naturally aspirated V8 engine replaces the road-cars’ twin-turbocharged straight six, displacing just over 5.5 litres and breathing through two mandatory restrictors the new engine is expected to produce 600bhp and over 650 Nm of torque.

The GT-R’s advanced all-wheel drive system has also had to make way for a more conventional rear-wheel drive transmission using a sequential 6-speed gearbox is mounted with the rear differential for optimal weight balance.

Further details about NISMO’s plans for the FIA GT1 championship including its full driver line-up will be announced at the later date.

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