The Rolls-Royce Chicane Phantom Coupé is a bespoke luxury car featuring design cues and materials intended to evoke Goodwood’s rich motor sport history.

The one-off design was commissioned by Rolls-Royce’s Dubai Brand Manager, Mohammed EL-Arishy who now has the enviable task of selling it to one of his wealthy customers.

The transformation process from mild-mannered Rolls-Royce Phantom to the curiously named ‘Chicane’ model involves replacing the standard car’s wood-finish with carbon fibre, and fitting matte black trim in place of its chromed bonnet and windscreen surround.

The body is painted with a Gunmetal exterior paint, while the wheels are coloured to match – apparently the first time such a feature has adorned a modern Rolls-Royce car.

  • Rolls-Royce-Chicane-Phantom_G6
  • Rolls-Royce-Chicane-Phantom_G3

The car’s historic motor racing theme continues on the inside with a chequered flag motif stitching to the seats, echoed on the exterior with a matching Bespoke coachline. Finally a metal plaque featuring Goodwood’s famous track layout together with the car’s name is located discreetly in the glove compartment.

It’s not the first time Rolls-Royce has ‘customised’ one of its cars – commissions have included matching the exterior paint colour to a favourite eye shadow and sourcing the wood-veneer trim from a tree on a customer’s estate.