Over the years we’ve seen many Porsche design concepts, all of which claim to reinterpret the 911s DNA, but none seem to have done so as successfully as the new Panamera Sport Turismo concept.

Yes, I realise the Boxster and Cayman are almost identikit clones of their older sibling, but they’ve always lacked the coke-bottle shape which makes the 911 so sexy.

Porsche’s best selling models (the Panamera and Cayenne) have stretched the DNA-chain even further, but when you watch designers Michael Mauer and Mitja Borkert in the video above, you realise how much time they spend agonising over Porsche’s design language and striving to distinguish their cars from any others on the road.

From the clay model to its world premiere at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, the Panamera Sport Turismo looks ‘right’ during every stage of its development – in some ways like a larger 928 GTS.

Following last week’s video from when the Sport Turismo was driven on the road, this should leave you in no doubt that the production version can’t come a moment too soon.