Peugeot’s EX1 Concept car has already set several records in France during September and has continued its record breaking streak in China. The Chinese city of Chengdu was the location Peugeot chose to improve its world acceleration record set for an alternative fuel vehicle.

Driven by China’s most popular blogger among the country’s urban youth, Han Han, the EX1 smashed the previous 1/8 mile and ¼ mile records set in September, with times of 7.08.62 and 12.67.54 seconds respectively. Both of the record times have been certified and will be approved by the Chinese Auto Sports Federation which validates the quality and accuracy of the measurements made.

The EX1’s previous record breaking driver, Nicolas Vanier, was also on hand in China and achieved another unofficial record for the 0 to 62mph sprint in 3.49 seconds. He also demonstrated the incredible power and acceleration of the EX1 by recording longitudinal acceleration of 1G, over a total sprint distance of 39 metres.

This series of records represents a world benchmark in terms of acceleration for an electric vehicle and bodes well for the future of high-performing sports cars when that last gallon of fuel eventually runs out..

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