Engines and drivetrains are the weak points in Volvo’s current model range. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind me saying so – okay, perhaps they would just a bit – but they make up for this in other areas, such as active safety, in which they continue to lead the industry.

But Volvo has come a long way in a short time since China’s Geely Holding Co acquired it from Ford for $1.8 billion in 2010. The company’s design language was first to improve – with the handsome-looking XC60, S/V60 and compact V40 – but this still leaves them without a double-clutch transmission system and a range of petrol engines which are underpowered and a little thirsty compared to the class leaders.

The V40 T4 is a case in point. Powered by a smooth and torquey 177bhp engine, but clearly outgunned by Volkswagen’s 207bhp Golf GTi and BMW’s 215bhp 125d M Sport.

There is a solution though, which adds an extra 20 bhp and 45 Nm to the V40’s repertoire, thanks to the folks at Polestar Performance (better known for their insanely quick 508bhp S60 Polestar).

Performance Original Optimised
Power (hp): 180 200
Power (kW): 132 147
Power Max (rpm): 5700 5750
Torque (Nm): 240 285
Torque Max (rpm): 1600-5000 2000-4250

“Volvo V40 is one of Volvo’s most fun cars to drive with a really good chassis. That is why it feels great that we can offer the customers a optimisation that gives a bit of extra driving pleasure,” said Robert Dahlgren, who has been part of the development of the new Polestar optimisation and races for Volvo Polestar Racing in the STCC.

But it’s not just the V40 which benefits from the upgrade, the same package is available for the S60, V60, S80 and V70 T4 models.

The upgrade is installed at your local Volvo dealer and can be carried out as part of a regular service. Plus, given the factory approved status of Polestar Performance you needn’t worry about your car’s warranty or resale value.

The price for this added sparkle should be around £480.00 including VAT, which you’ll need to add on top of the V40 T4’s £24,930 base price.