Since its premiere at the Paris Motor Show, Porsche has been testing public and media reaction to its latest concept car, even though it’s no secret that it will join the range looking very similar to the car you see here.

Autocar journalist, Greg Kable, recently drove the prototype on the roads around Beverly Hills and described it as driving like a true production car, partly because it’s fitted with the same powertrain as the current Panamera Hybrid.

Porsche continue to use wistfully vague phrases such as “..the Panamera Sport Turismo concept car to show how amazingly intelligent and efficient drive technology might look in the design language of tomorrow”, but everyone we’ve spoken to says it’s already signed off and will reach a Porsche showroom near you in 2016.

In the first video which shows the Panamera Sport Turismo in motion, Chief Designer Michael Mauer and General Manager Advanded Design Style, Mitja Borkert talk about its styling, while Wolfgang Hatz, Executive Board Member for R&D, talks about the car’s parallel-hybrid powertrain which features a 330bhp V6 supercharged engine and 94bhp electric motor.

He describes it as one of the most important pillars of Porsche’s powertrain strategy for the next few years, while Mauer concludes by saying the Sport Turismo concept proves there is no contradiction between sportiness and functionality.

Somehow it looks even better on the road than it does on the motorshow stand, which makes its production future all the more inevitable.

You can take a closer look at the Panamera Sport Turismo microsite.

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