As we near the Geneva Motor Show Rolls-Royce has released a second teaser image for the new Wraith, a model which they describe as “..the most powerful and dynamic model in the company’s 108-year history.”

The message they continue to reinforce is how quick the Wraith will be compared to anything Rolls-Royce has produced before. This is how they describe it in this morning’s press release:

And so to the question of Power. In times gone by, when asked the question, Rolls-Royce would simply reply, “Adequate, Sir”. However, for Wraith we feel it right to be a touch more explicit:

“More than ample.”

The previous teaser image displayed the Wraith’s side profile, this time we’re shown its muscular rear haunches. Rolls-Royce describes this as “..a bold expression to Wraith’s promise of dynamism. A sense that this is a car set to move with purpose on its driver’s command.”

We haven’t decided if it’s those aforementioned rear haunches or the bazooka-like twin exhausts which convey the most purpose, but they’re certainly building up to something very unfamiliar in the Rolls-Royce stable.

We’ll know more on the 5th March.