We think this campaign might just be one step too far for the world’s largest car maker. For the red-blooded males among us who own a Toyota Prius (are there any?) then fear not, this is a Toyota USA initiative which looks like it might have been commissioned from their Amish regional offices..

Reaction across the internet and especially in core Toyota-enthusiast sites has been akin to a cat barfing up a particularly unpleasant furball. My favourite was posted on YouTube earlier this morning..

[blockquote type=”blockquote_quotes” align=”center”]And to think you guys once made a car called the “Supra” featuring a twin turbo inline 6 powerplant and rear wheel drive. My god have you looked in the mirror? What the f#%! happened to you, you cappuccino drinking yoga loving yuppies?

JDMAero 7 hours ago


The video has been produced as part of the ongoing Toyota Prius Projects campaign launched a few months ago. Saatchi & Saatchi L.A. created the holiday ‘outfit’ for the Prius using nearly 100 balls of wool.

The agency teamed up with Magda Saveg, founder of the Knitta knitting community, based in Austin, Texas to complete the cozy knitwear to be used as a holiday message to the Prius community and fan base. Visitors to the Prius Projects site can share the video and send personalized messages to family and friends, and in 2011 Toyota will check in with the Prius community to decide what next to do with the cozy.

Might we suggest burn it? Oh, hold on, that’s probably not in the spirit of environmentalism..

The video..

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