Time for a bit of pre-Christmas trivia to brighten up the holiday season. From time-to-time certain news items land in our inbox that make us sit up and take notice; Jaguar’s wonderful C-X75 for example was the star of the Paris Auto Salon, whilst Porsche made every car enthusiast believe in the future with its Concept 918 Spyder.

So when we heard news that Honda was in the final throes of development before it launches its fastest ever model, you can imagine how eager we were to rip into the media pack and find out more.

So what do you think it is? A new Super Sports Fireblade to knock that pretentious BMW S1000RR off its perch, perhaps a quad-engine CR-Z to show Nissan and Toyota what eco-motoring is really all about?

Well, click on the tab below and open up the rest of this page to find out..

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Honda achieves first successful flight of its 2012 HondaJet

2012 HondaJet

Yes that’s right, the HondaJet is Honda’s first ever advanced light business jet – as in aircraft. The HondaJet took off yesterday and remained aloft for 51 minutes, during which time the aircraft’s flight characteristics and performance were analysed and systems checks were conducted.

So far Honda has received well over 100 orders for its $4.5 million aircraft, which is powered by two highly fuel-efficient GE Honda HF120 turbofan jet engines that are capable of propelling the HondaJet to a top speed of 483 mph (420 knots).

The HondaJet incorporates many innovative technological advances in aviation design, including a unique over-the-wing engine-mount configuration that dramatically improves aircraft performance and fuel efficiency by significantly reducing aerodynamic drag in flight. This innovative approach to airframe design also lowers ground-detected noise when overhead and allows for a more spacious cabin and greater cargo capacity.

So now you know the answer to that Trivial Pursuit question, what’s the fastest Honda? – it’s not a bike, it’s a aeroplane.

So, which automotive brand makes the fastest aeroplane then? If you know the answer, then we’d love to hear from you…