It’s good to see manufacturers making an effort to communicate the virtues of their cars to us buyers, and Nissan has put together quite a fun website with a mix of advice and videos (featuring the lovely Lisa Rogers of the popular TV show Scrapheap Challenge) to help you decide.

Nissan’s are trying to illustrate the point that for some people a 4×4 is the right motoring choice. If not the only motoring choice and the website demonstrates, through a series of filmed challenges, that 4x4s are tough, powerful and functional for a reason: they have a real job of work to do. Or indeed a real job of leisure. Just ask anyone whose life includes horses, caravans, boats, children, country pursuits, moving lots of stuff or who is simply faced with a rural winter on bad roads.

The website is aimed at owners of regular cars thinking of upgrading to a 4×4 – for the most practical of reasons. They first find out “which 4×4 they are” via interactive criteria of towing weight, load capacity, number of seats and type of use.

In the short film “Can I Canoe?” the winner is the vehicle that can best swallow up four big men and two canoes and reach the water first, while “BBQing Builders” involves off-roading in pickups loaded with everything needed to build a barbeque for Lisa’s mum. For a couple of the vehicles at least, the builders really do have a smashing time.

Visit Nissan’s microsite

It’s a fun way to present a range of cars, so take a look and let us know which model (supposedly) suited your needs.