If you were watching the Italian GP from Monza last weekend, then you may have seen Jay Kay from Jamiroquai on the grid or perhaps listened to him at the ‘F1 Rocks in Monza’ concert on Friday which saw the British Funk band enthral a 7,000 strong audience.

But what you perhaps didn’t know is that he got the chance to schmooze with Ferrari’s F1 drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa a few days beforehand, doing what any self-respecting petrol-head would give his right arm to do – playing with a Ferrari 458 Italia around Fiorano test track.

Alonso and Massa took a break from their Italian Grand Prix preparations to give Jay Kay the ride of his life and from the video, clearly enjoyed doing so. Afterwards, the Jamiroquai lead singer returned the favour – although not before both F1 drivers vacated their seats and let a Ferrari PR man take their place..

Alonso and Massa each drove the circuit at speed whilst chatting with Jay as a passenger – with Alonso pulling a series of smoke-filled ‘donuts’ – before handing over to Felipe.

Jay Kay from Jamiroquai with Fernando Alonso and Felipe MassaFernando Alonso, Jay Kay, Felipe Massa and the 458 Italia at Fiorano circuit.

“Yeah, [Fiorano is] a unique experience, and one that’s a real privilege to go around at. I always enjoy it, it’s fantastic you know,” the singer said afterwards.

Jay Kay owns a collection of rare Ferraris himself and has clocked up plenty of track time in these and the other cars he’s owned. But despite performing in front of such a talented pair of drivers, the singer acquitted himself well.

Jay Kay from Jamiroquai with Ferrari CEO, Luca di Montezemelo at FioranoFerrari CEO, Luca di Montezemelo with Jay Kay at Fiorano.

Afterwards Massa and Alonso praised the singer’s attempts out on the circuit, “It was fun, he was concentrating on another[sic] style of driving. After our laps he did another couple of hot laps as well, and it was good fun. We enjoy, and we spin the tyres, make some smoke,” said Alonso.

Felipe was even more complimentary of the singer’s prowess behind the wheel of the 458 Italia, “After, his driving and he’s driving the right lines, braking [in] the right place, going sideways after the corner so he was pretty fantastic, so…And for sure [if] we will try to sing – it will be much much worse!” said Massa.

Jay Kay and his band Jamiroquai played to a packed house in their headline show at the F1 Rocks concert in Monza on Friday (September 9), the capacity crowd at Monza Stadio Brianteo were treated to a greatest hits set, drawn from the Grammy winning band’s 20 year career.

Interview with Jay Kay by Ferrari.com

Whilst touring around Ferrari’s Maranello facilities, Jay gave an exclusive interview, speaking about his love of Ferrari, how his music relates to cars and the numerous Ferrari’s that he owns including a recently aquired F40 that he calls “the knicker elastic”..