A car collection that spans over 100 years of automotive history ranging from a Ferrari 250 GTO to a Porsche 962, a glowing front cover endorsement from Sir Stirling Moss, 400 pictures to illustrate the works of art and a spine-tingling audio-CD of every car in his collection at full-chat – given the ingredients, Nick Mason’s updated Passion For Speed was always going to be a superb read.

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Updated for 2010 to contain two new additions to the collection (the cheeky little Alfa Romeo TZ and the striking Ferrari Enzo), Passion For Speed is an extension of the original Into The Red originally published in 1998.  Passion For Speed is written in conjunction with motoring journalist Mark Hales, with Nick narrating a guided tour of the fruits of his labour from being Pink Floyd’s drummer.  We’ll cover Passion For Speed more next week as for now we’re going to focus on its rock star author.

Next week we’ve been given the opportunity to speak with Nick about Passion For Speed and his motivations for choosing to release a 3rd edition of an already highly successful book.  Given Nick’s breadth of historic car ownership experience and other activities in an eventful life, we thought we’d open the floor up to you the reader to put forward any questions you’d like to hear Nick answer in our exclusive chat in central London.
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To put forward your questions about perhaps Nick’s McLaren F1 GTR or Maserati 250F, either tweet us @DriversRepublic or leave your question in the comments section beneath before Tuesday 12th October.

We’ll try and get as many questions answered as we can, where thereafter we’ll publish our full chat with Nick at the end of next week.