Earlier today, Bahrain International Circuit rebutted ‘media speculation’ about the race by stating that a number of ‘neutral interested parties’ (isn’t that an Oxymoron?) including two representatives from Lotus F1 Team had visited Bahrain recently and sent their report to all the F1 Team principals last week (5 April).

Questions have obviously been raised as to why Lotus F1 Team took it upon themselves to review the security situation directly, which has now triggered a statement from the team in what amounts to an apology to the FIA.

The statement reads:

10/04/2012 – Statement from Lotus F1 Team

“Earlier today, the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) issued a press release attributing quotes to our team showing support for the Bahrain GP. These quotes were part of a full internal and confidential working document, that was also sent on a confidential basis to all F1 team managers last week.

Lotus F1 Team is one of 12 contestants of the Formula 1 World Championship and we would never try to substitute ourselves for the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), which is the only party entitled to determine if a Grand Prix should go ahead or not, and we endorse the FOTA statement that was issued earlier to this effect.”

Meanwhile Bernie Ecclestone, continues to insist that no teams have expressed any concerns (to him) over their security, and as far as he is concerned the event will go ahead as planned.

There’s a more in-depth analysis of the story over on Joe Saward’s blog and I’d also recommend the always insightful James Allen, who has written today that the Bahraini opposition leader predicts ‘violence’ for the GP weekend. They’re both well worth a read..