Infiniti have teased out a few more details on the Sebastian Vettel inspired FX model that we mentioned last week, with a new batch of images and some details about its technical specification.

The car, which will be revealed at the IAA Frankfurt on Tuesday 13 September at 14:15, is basically a one-off model built to meet the wishes of the 24-year old Formula One World Champion. Infiniti describe it as the lightest, fastest and most aerodynamic FX yet, reflecting the World Champion’s desire for a 186 mph Crossover that he can drive on his home country’s derestricted Autobahn.

The model will be called the ‘FX Sebastian Vettel’ and is based on the V8-powered FX50S Premium. The FX Sebastian Vettel version features changes to engine, suspension and body, with key aerodynamic enhancements implemented with input from Red Bull Racing. The one-off model also gains an interior personalised to Sebastian Vettel’s taste, taking the brand hallmarks of exclusiveness and individuality to new heights.

There’s no word yet on the car’s pet name – the Red Bull Racing driver likes to name all of his race cars with his current RB7-F1 car being called ‘Kinky Kylie’. If you’ve got any (clean) suggestions then let us know in the comments below..