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Group Lotus ups the stakes in its battle with Fernandes

This is steadily becoming the biggest motorsport pis**ng contest of recent times and clearly goes well beyond the bounds of gentlemanly competition... Welcome to Round 3…

Team Lotus confirmed for the 2011 F1 season

The FIA's official entry list for the 2011 Formula One championship was revealed this afternoon, with the most significant news being that the FIA has accepted the…

Lotus – has it all gone just a little pear-shaped?

We seem to be writing a lot about Lotus this year, but then they've been making the headlines - usually for all the right reasons. Up until recently we were praising…

Lotus ‘lightens’ their mood as well as their cars

Lotus aims for success in Indy Cars this Sunday at Long Beach.

Lotus and Cosworth team up for IndyCar racing return

Lotus is back in IndyCar racing, partnering with Cosworth and established competitors KV Racing Technology.

Lotus F1 Racing’s first day of testing at Jerez

The F1 teams are back testing at Jerez and Lotus F1 Racing are first to file their report.

Lotus Racing unveils its T127 ready for the 2010 F1 season

The green and yellow livery is back! Lotus launches its T127 F1 contender.

Jarno Trulli develops the Lotus Evora Cup

What does Jarno need to do to in order to 'finally' drive Lotus' F1 contender?