The FIA’s official entry list for the 2011 Formula One championship was revealed this afternoon, with the most significant news being that the FIA has accepted the change of name of Tony Fernandes’ 1 Malaysia Racing Team from Lotus Racing to Team Lotus.

If you read our recent article – Lotus – has it all gone just a little pear-shaped? – then you’ll be aware that Proton-owned Group Lotus have tried to stop use of the Team Lotus name in 2011, despite Fernandes’ successfully purchasing the rights from David Hunt in September.

We’ve been running a poll since the article was published and so far only 19% of you believe Group Lotus should be challenging Fernandes’ use of the name. Clearly the first step for Fernandes was to successfully register the name for the 2011 season and now that the FIA have accepted the change, there’s even less benefit in Group Lotus continuing their opposition.

Team Lotus confirmed today that they will retain current drivers Jarno Trulli and Heikki Kovalainen for the 2011 season, so let’s hope they can now concentrate on preparing their new car and fighting to improve on their 10th place finish in 2010.