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Aston Martin reveals new Vantage GT4 racer for 2011

Aston Martin Racing has launched a new Vantage GT4 for 2011. The new V8 engined racing car takes its design inspiration from Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage road car, which…

Lamborghini’s new V12 continues the legend

Earlier this month Lamborghini's Murciélago reached the end of production and with it went the venerable 60° V12 engine which has served the Raging Bull for more than 40…

PERSPECTIVE: What’s in a Name?

“When you talk, you sound like Super Mario on our Nintendo game,” my children tease. “Do I?” “Yes. It’s funny.” Doesn’t the Italian language and/or the Italian accent…

BRABUS SV12 R Biturbo 800 raises the bar on luxury with speed

I have to admit to losing track of all the various Brabus models - but their very existence demonstrates that there's no lack of appetite to spend the kind of money on…

Do You Daytona?

Nicholas Goldberg finds himself at Silverstone indulging in some American motorsport; but with a British Twist

Is it really the end of the road for big engines?

Have we reached the end of the road for performance cars, or are we just at the beginning?

Aston Martin V12 Vantage crosses The Atlantic

Aston Martin V12 Vantage crosses The Atlantic - available 4th quarter 2010.

Aston Martin gets dark with the Carbon Black Special Editions

Aston Martin have just made the DBS and V12 Vantage even more desirable.