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Quick Recap: BMW’s M3 Coupé with Competition Package

We've got a great image gallery of BMW's new Competetion Package for the M3 Coupe.

BMW’s new Competition Package for the M3 Coupe

BMW's Competition Package for the M3 Coupe is inspired by the M3 CSL.

Interview with Dr Mario Theissen, Director of BMW Motorsport

We interview Mario Thiessen, BMW's Motorsport Director about his future plans and working with M Division.

BMW launches X6 M and X5 M

The new X6M and X5M represent a series of firsts for BMW’s M division, but as controversial as they may be, they also showcase M divisions new strategy of fitting…

All BMW M-cars to go forced induction

BMW's M Division looks set to abandon it traditional naturally aspirated engines to improve efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.