The new X6M and X5M represent a series of firsts for BMW’s M division, but as controversial as they may be, they also showcase M divisions new strategy of fitting turbocharged engines to its cars.

This is the first SUV-style model to wear the M badge, but also the first to be fitted with an auto gearbox, the first 4-wheel drive M-car, the first to be fitted with run-flat tyres and lastly and perhaps most relevant to the future of all M-cars, these are the first models in the M-range to be fitted with a turbocharged engine. That’s five firsts that ex-Vice President Gerhard Richter had previously suggested would never feature in an M-car. Well Herr Richter is no longer in charge of BMW’s M Division, so these models are the first significant step away from the philosophy we’ve come to recognise as the characteristics of a true M-car.

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