Andy Murray recently picked up a second-hand Ferrari F430, reportedly at a significant discount from the list price of a new F430, however it didn’t remain a bargain by the time the insurance costs were factored in.

Of course Murray is only 22 years old, passed his driving test just 5 months ago and is a celebrity driver, which makes the potential compensation costs far higher than the average young male driver if a third party was injured during an accident.

The world No. 4 tennis star earned more than £2.25m in 2009, so perhaps £200,000 to own a F430 doesn’t sound so bad, but it still seems like a ridiculous premium to pay especially given how few miles he is likely to cover in 2010.

He’s over in Miami at the moment training with his support team, so it’s currently costing him £300 for every day that it’s parked in the garage.. Just think about that next time you complain about your own insurance premiums.

Source: Daily Mail