Swiss tuner Sportec has unveiled the latest addition to its range ofcompletely over the top 911s – the four wheel-drive SPR1 T80.

The headline figures are 858bhp and 641lb ft of torque from the extensively modified 3.6-litre twin turbo flat six, which Sportec claim is enough to propel the T80 from rest to 62mph in just 3 seconds, 186mph (300kph) in 18.9 seconds and on to a top speed of 236mph.

Making those figures possible is a pair of hybrid turbochargers fed air by a new intercooler system, equal flow intake manifold and twin throttle bodies. There is also a forged light alloy block and cylinder heads, forged steel crankshaft, new cylinder heads and exhaust valves, tweaked variable valve timing, super-trick titanium con rods, forged pistons, dry sump lubrication,a completely reworked and fuel system and, of course, a retuned ECU.  There’s also a hand built high-flow exhaust system with sports catalysts and the option of a race exhaust system.

Power is transferred to the road using a six-speed manual gearbox with custom ratios and a 60-percent locking diff alongside a traction and launch control system and larger, wider, lighter wheels. Of course, the suspension gets a thorough going over as well with adjustable ride height and rear anti roll bar and electronically adjustable dampers. Braking duties are taken care of by drilled and vented ceramic discs.

Two further mechanical packages will be available as options –Clubsport and Highspeed.

Ticking the Clubsport box will get you carbon fibre doors and bonnet, light weight interior trim including carbon door panels, adjustable carbon front spoiler and rear wing, active suspension, flat carbon fibre underbody, six point harnesses, door bars and removable rear cross brace, roll cage, sports brake pads, extra brake cooling, modified spring and damper settings and uprated axle links.

The Highspeed package gets the underbody, ‘flow optimised’ wheelarch liners, load controlled intercooler water spray, electronically adjustable rear spoiler and special aerofoil, ‘flow optimised’ wing mirrors and modified spring and damper settings.