BMW has announced which engines and drive trains will be available for its latest softroader, the X1.

At the top of the range is the four wheel-drive xDrive 28i straight-six petrol and xDrive23d four-cylinder diesel, apparently indicating that the new X1 (for the time being at least) will do without the twin turbo straight six diesel and petrol donkeys.

The 28i develops 258hp and 228lb ft, taking the X1 to 62mph in a hot hatch-ish 6.8 seconds and on to 127mph, or 143mph with the ‘optional high speed set up’, while the 23d gets 204hp and 295lb ft which drag the 1-Series-based ‘SUV’ to a top speed of 138mph, hitting 62mph in 7.3 seconds on the way.

Two further engines will be available, both of which are diesels available with both four wheel-drive and two wheel-drive transmissions. The 20d has 177hp and 258lb ft, while the mechanically identical 18d has to make do with 143hp and 236lb ft. In each case, opting for rear wheel drive drops fuel consumption by 4mpg and saves half a second on the 0-62mph sprint.