Pagani has removed the roof of its super-exclusive Zonda Cinque, the road legal version of the Zonda R, to create the Zonda Cinque Roadster.

Power comes from the coupe’s enormous, 678bhp Mercedes-Benz V12 breathing through ceramic-coated titanium and inconel exhausts, and propels the Roadster from rest to 62mph in 3.4 seconds and on to a top speed far north of 200mph. Like its coupe brother, the Roadster gets a six-speed paddleshift transmission.

Pagani has said that the carbon-titanium chassis has been ‘redesigned to compensate for the missing roof’. Usually this means that the engineers have been forced to add material in the hope of bringing some stiffness back, adding as much as 100kg to the weight of the car, but in this case the Roadster weights exactly the same 1210kg as the Coupe version.

The whole car is a feast of exotic materials: all carbon body work, carbon and titanium monocoque chassis, magnesium wheels, carbon fibre racing seats, carbon disc brakes and magnesium and titanium for the suspension components.

Hopefully that will have gone some way to preparing you for the price tag – a cool £1.1m, plus taxes.

Just five will be built and if you haven’t got the receipt for your deposit, you’re probably already too late.