We reviewed Audi’s brand-building campaign for the new A1 last week, taking a look at the trailer to its new 6-part short-film called “The Next Big Thing”.

Well this afternoon the first episode was broadcast which shows John Frank (Justin Timberlake) in a café where he meets the attractive and mysterious Toni (Dania Ramirez) who is being followed by a group of armed bad guys.

Justin Timberlake, aka John Frank, sets the scene as an underpaid and under-appreciated 'suit' used to doing what he's told

The film starts well enough showing the suited John Frank being brow-beaten by his boss over the phone as he sits in a noisy café, whilst simultaneously writing emails on his laptop. His quality of life is painted as being dull, stressed-out and unrewarding.

Who could resist such a beautiful woman in need? Our reluctant hero probably should have done..

Then along comes Toni and the bright-red Audi A1, who jumps him in the café, before telling him to “..get down,… they’ll kill everybody”.

The plot races ahead (rather too quickly) as our lead character is rushed out of the café without time to grab his laptop, as both are pursued by the armed assailants.

Time for a quick getaway, but is Audi's A1 the car for the job?

Episode 1 finishes as Toni throws the keys of the Audi A1 to John as he asks “what the hell’s going on?”, to which Miss Ramirez replies in an oh-so-clumsy manner “..it’s the next big thing!”

To give the actors due credit, the episode only lasts for 2:11 minutes, of which half the time is used for the introductory credits, so it was bound to feel rushed, but it’s now up to you to decide if Audi’s efforts are judged to be well spent by watching and then (perhaps) recommending the movie to your friends.

Click to view the film on SkiddPlayer

Will it go viral? Or will we judge it as a marketing stunt without sufficient depth of engagement or relevance to us ordinary folk in the real world?

So far, we certainly prefer BMW’s ‘The Hire’ films primarily because each film is a complete story and therefore has time for a beginning, middle and ending. We’re not yet sure whether Audi’s film will scale the 100 million views achieved by BMW, but we certainly will be tuning in next Tuesday (11th) to find out what’s next for our reluctant hero.

How about you?

UPDATE: (07/05/2010) Audi have released a new video taking a closer look at the film’s main cast.

Click through to watch interviews with Dania Ramirez and Justin Timberlake discussing their characters in the film

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