To mark the launch of the new five cylinder 340PS TT RS, Audi have commissioned a downloadable ‘music’ track which is available now on iTunes.

Entitled “Die Funf Zylinder“ it was conceived by Audi’s long-time ad agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), who worked with musician Neil Barnes, one half of electronic music legends Leftfield, and Nic Rapaccioli, a DJ also involved with the band.

The TT RS was recorded performing a multitude of manoeuvres, capturing sounds that mirror effects and instruments found in electronic music.

The sound of the TT RS engine running at different speeds was used to create the melodic tunes of the track, however we can’t help wondering why they’ve gone to so much trouble when the engine on it’s own sounds musical enough.

Have a listen

If you’d like to take a listen then click on the following link, however we much prefer the sound file available on Audi’s own site – just click on the engine icon within the main display and then select the link entitled “The power”.