Is it just me or are electric driven cars becoming cool all of a sudden? Best not mention the Nissan Leaf, but in most other respects we’re seeing car makers innovating around the unique packaging formats afforded by compact electric drive systems and turning out some stunning designs.

One of those car makers is Audi, which will be displaying its Urban Concept at the Frankfurt motor show next month. Designed as a 1+1-seat, ultra-light car for congested urban spaces. The technical concept confounds conventional typecasts by being part racing car, roadster, fun car and urban car all in one radical new concept.

Its development is based on the strict principles of lightweight construction, efficiency and reduction and the result is a concept car with no unnecessary weight, and one that concentrates on the pure essence of dynamic motion.

The 21″ wheels are free-standing, and the surrounding protective plates feature ‘blinking’ strips of LED lights. The highly concentrated look of the Urban Concept, with its forward lines, is dynamic and emotional at the same time. There’s room for two people on board, their position slightly staggered and at a sporty, low-level. All controls and materials are subject to the dictates of ultra-lightweight construction to ensure they convey a unique, sensory allure.

Two e-tron electric motors provide the propulsion – enabling the ultra-light Audi Urban Concept to accelerate powerfully and a lithium-ion battery supplies the energy – ideal for extended city tours.

Looks good in principle, but how much will it cost and when is it (or something like it) likely to appear? Come on Audi, make it so.